Baby Nail File Electric Nail Trimmer


This baby electric nail trimmer is equipped with a whisper-quiet motor. Which makes it a good alternative to sleeping baby nail creams. An LED light has been given in front of this baby electric nail trimmer. Which illuminates the working area in an inadequate light environment. This will go a long way in helping you gently file and trim a baby's nails. These ergonomically designed nail clippers for toddlers feature a curved shape and smooth surface for comfortable holding. Which is more convenient and better for parents to use. It is made from eco-friendly ABS material, which is lightweight as well as safe. This baby nail trimmer is powered by two AA batteries. Which you have to buy yourself from the market. A total of 6 types of grinding heads have been given with this baby nail trimmer.

1) Fine Grinding Head: Suitable for zero to a three-month baby.

2) Gentle Grinding Head: It can be used for four to eleven-month-old babies.

3) Rough Grinding Head: fits for a 12-month baby.

4) Cylindrical Grinding Head: the cylindrical grinding head is suitable for adults.

5) Metal Grinding Head: This grinding head is also provided for adults.

6) White Grinding Head: It is used for polishing.

This baby nail trimmer can be activated with a single button. It has been given 2-speed gear, high and low-speed gear.

A total of 4 modes are given in this baby nail trimmer:

R2 - Anti-clockwise for fast speed rotation.

R1- For anti counterclockwise slow speed.

 0 - OFF

L1 - For clockwise slow speed.

L2 - For clockwise fast speed.

It also has a bi-rolling function, which means that its grinding head can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. This baby nail trimmer fits snugly into the pull. You can easily replace the grinding head of this Baby Nail Trimmer and make it 360 degrees all-round exquisitely polished.

Remember to remove the battery from the nail trimmer while not using it.

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