Baby nail cutter with magnifier

This Baby Nail Cutter with Magnifying Glass helps in cutting small and complex baby nails. This Baby Nail Clipper with Magnifier shows baby nails clearly and prevents scratches in the baby's hands. This baby nail cutter has an easy group handle. Which makes baby's nail trimming easier. Its magnifying glass is adjustable. Which can be magnified up to 4 times. Trimming a baby's nails is a difficult and uncomfortable task. Because they are very small and the fear of accidentally clipping those little fingers is extremely stressful for every parent. The Baby Nail Clipper with Magnifying Lens is a great tool to reduce the stress of trimming a baby's short nails. It is made from premium quality stainless steel. Which is rust-free and durable as well as the handle is made from nontoxic ABS material, which is anti-slip and free from harsh chemicals. This nail clipper can also be used as an adult nail trimmer. The magnifying lens of this baby nail clipper can be removed when not needed. 

WARNING: This is not a toy, so don't let children play with it.

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