Baby food feeder.

In this baby food feeder, you will be given two silicone filters along with a nibbler. One of which is a small and a large silicon filter. This food feeder is a combination of a baby bottle and a baby pacifier. Use a small silicone filter when your baby is more than four months old, and when the baby is a little older, his food requirement increases, then you should use a large silicone filter. This baby food feeder is very easy to use. First, fill the fruit or vegetable in a small or large silicone filter. When the baby chews it, the fruit or vegetable juice is consumed by the baby through the many holes in the silicone filter and the rest of the pulp remains inside the silicone filter of the baby food feeder. To sterilize this baby food feeder after using it, first clean each part of the nibbler thoroughly. After cleaning each part of the baby food feeder, allow each part to boil under boiling water for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you can remove the parts of the nibbler from the water. This baby food pacifier is made from 100% food-grade BPA-free silicone. Thereby making this food feeder safe for the baby to chew and suck on. It is more hygienic and durable than other baby food feeders. It can be used for two in one purpose. You can use it as a fruit holder or a baby food feeder. Which helps in the development of the baby's mouth muscles. Keeping safety in mind, this baby food feeder has a nipple cap to avoid contact with dust, along a safety lock has been added to prevent accidental food spillage.

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