360-degree rotating food storage container.

The special feature of this food storage container is that it has 4 compartments.  Where you can put 4 different types of food together.  You can increase or decrease the container volume by moving the compartment grids back and forth as per your requirement.  Also, removing all the grids in the container can be used as a large container.  This 360⁰ rotatable food container is made from food-grade PP material, which is odorless and non-toxic.  This means that there will be no harm to your health by eating food kept inside the container.

The body of this food container has been kept transparent.  So that you can see from the outside that which food is in which compartment of the container.  This food storage container is very easy to use.  First of all, remove the top lid of this storage container and fill it in the food container.  Now turn the container towards the box you want to remove the food from and push the button.  After which the food will start coming out from the hole at the bottom of the container.

You can use the cup that comes with this container to store food that comes out of the container.  This bowl has several holes, with the help of which you can wash with water after taking food from the container.  After washing it will easily remove the water from the hole of the cup.

The container is completely sealed, due to which dust and insect cannot come inside the container.  A small airtight opening is provided at the top of the container. Inside it, you can store seeds, garlic in small quantities. This 360-degree rotating cereal container is suitable for storing candy, grains, rice, coffee bean, grain, etc.

Package includes:

i) 360-degree rotatable storage container.

ii) Measuring Bowl.

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